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How To Stay Motivated For Studying



How To Stay Motivated For Studying

Have you ever got angry with yourself that you sit down to read your book and are stuck on a single word till you get to sleep? Do you know that you have to read, but still you can not read? If it is a bit too much, then maybe our suggestions may help you in motivating you to study.

How To Stay Motivated For Studying
How To Stay Motivated For Studying

Give yourself some rewards when the goal is complete

Whenever you meet your goal, do not forget to give yourself a small reward. If you are still studying, then in the meantime you should walk a little bit, or chew some peanut grains, otherwise listen to one of your favorite songs. If your studies have been completed, then you can also play a game of your choice, talk to your friends or watch the video.

If you want to reward yourself after getting up from studies for a little while, remember that you have to come back to study. Determine a time of break from study and ignore the sound of “just two minutes” coming from your mind.

Turn off your computer if you can

If you do not need a computer to study, turn it off. Similarly, stay away from public computers. It can also be a source of deviation. You might think that “let’s open your email” or “let’s see what this celebrity has written about.” And as long as you get the attention of studies, you will have wasted a lot of time.

If you want to use a computer to gather information related to your studies, then it is better to collect and print all information at once, by opening a second browser or Facebook while you are studying Avoid opening If you really have a habit of going to social sites frequently, why not disable your social site for some time?

If you really want to use the computer as a word processor, then please, but for some time, turn off Internet access.

Also keep a bottle of water and some food with you

You will know that whenever people keep themselves hydrated they can think well, and in such a way, even a little water does not let them feel thirsty is. You can keep anything in snacks, like peanuts, chocolates or fruits, they will help you stay upbeat.

Stay away from things like fast food and pastries. Such as pizza, hamburger, donut, muffins, cake, french fries and colddrink. Such kind of intake will give you energy but also change this energy in sleep.

Determine the time to study strongly

Set the goals that you can achieve with clarity, not the goals that are difficult for you to complete. Speaking on your own, “I want to be good in mathematics,” it would be better if you keep such general goals such as, “I will learn to create graphs of quadratic equation. Such goals will be seen coming to completion at the end of the study |

Silent your phone

You will not want to take phone calls of your friends and family while you try to study. If you think these people can call you, tell them already that you want some time to study. It would be better if you put it on silent and keep it in some place where you do not see it, thus you will also be able to avoid seeing the phone again and again.

Wear comfortable clothes

small things such as your tight paint, can distract your attention. Wear clothes that are comfortable, fit well and not too tight.

If your hair is too long, then bind them so that they do not appear in front of your eyes.

Choose an ingressed place where you can not get distracted

This place can be anyone, such as a library, cafe, a room in your own house or any place where no sound is reached Find and do not get distracted. Stay away from the choice of every place where you can easily reach your friends.

Collect all the necessary things for study

Carefully keep every single thing with you, such as pen, pencil, paper, highlighter and everything that you need to get ahead. You will not even want to stop all these materials in the middle of your studies.

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Study Tips

How To Get good Result For Exams




How To Get good Result For Exams

How To Get good Result For Exams
How To Get good Result For Exams

Ask for help

If you do not understand this, what to do to get good grades or you are facing some kind of problem in your studies, then ask your teacher for help. It is not that you have a difficult question to ask them; Your teachers are happy to help you. If you want, after the class, during office hours or by email, you will ask for help in the same way as you like.

Often, it happens, that only thing explained in our own words alone makes everyone understand better than the one explained in one go. At the same time, with the habit of focusing your studies on your own in this way, your teacher will appreciate your hard work and you may become his favorite student too. Getting a teacher who likes to work hard in your studies can be very helpful for you.

Read effectively

If you are surrounded by bus books all night, and after that you feel that you have not read anything, then what will be worse for you. Better than sleeping on your book, you do this

Create a Study Guide and repeat it. Take a look at your textbook and write every essential thing and information in it in your notes. Read this until you believe that you have missed everything in it. If you have written everything in your own hands, then most of the things in it will be remembered as you write and write.

Now ask someone to take your test from this study guide. Speaking of any thing repeatedly and loudly, he remembers his mind only in a better way than he remembers in mind. When you have to explain it to someone, in such a way, before you have to understand it, you have to understand it well, not just remembering, only then you will be able to understand the front with self-confidence.

Prepare some fun ways to read. Prepare some flash cards, call friends or if you want some help from your teachers or friends, then create a group of same-class friends, in which all friends will be together after school Sit down and do homework. If you want you can prepare a board game to make studies fun, or if you feel that reading notes written by you help you write them again. Do whatever you can to get information about the subject.

Show participation in class

If you have done your homework well, then you are completely ready to take part in class. They should think that you have a good knowledge about that topic! This is a great habit and For example, if you take part in your class, you get a lot of information while doing homework, and in this way more and more information.

The things read in this way will stick to your mind, and this is another good reason. this is true. Speaking out loud about it (especially in class, where friends will be present and those who are too hard to talk to), your brain will work differently than writing it down. In this way you will prepare all the concepts.

The third reason for this is that your professor will chew you for it. No teacher would like to see a band of idiots in their class. Then come to their good book and see how it helps you get good grades.

Write good and reliable notes

If you think that there is such information in the notes, that you want you to simply get back to the page, then do one thing, highlight that information, but the page Do not highlight every single line present on it, or else it will look something like this and you will not be able to understand what is required to read. If you want to make your notes even more fun, then in such a way, you can also use the Colored Pens, but they should also be used only for highlighting the same lines or paragraphs, whose tests or exams come in There is a lot of potential and which are also important.

Make good note

Most of the schools are college or any other institution, what they have to do in a test or homework, all this is said in class. If your teacher has created a diagram on the blackboard, then make it your copy exactly like it – this will help you remember the information.

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Study Tips

How To Get Good Grade In Exam




How To Get Good Grade In Exam

How To Get Good Grade In Exam
How To Get Good Grade In Exam

Read Textbook

No matter how boring and boring you are, but it is also more helpful – sometimes your professor can not tell some information in the class! After reading one of the paragraphs, repeat it without your mind. Then read it once more. Now it will stay in your brain for a long time. This is especially good when you do not have much time to study.

Often things told in class are also present in your book, and they are also most important. If you see any of these things when reading a book, then highlight it. Now whenever you need it, you will easily see it, all you have to remember is where you read it.

Do not be afraid to write anything down in writing. Just focus on the main idea (highlighted text, italics, etc.) and let your mind work. [1] If you can fill vacancies, it is good! If you can not, read even more differently.

Keep one file together and keep the labels together: 

keep your papers in the file so that you can find everything in the right place when you need it. Keep your file in the bag, at the desk, in the locker or wherever you are comfortable with.

Keep your locker / backpack / desk organized

Keeping everything needed for your day-long keeps your mind clean. Maybe it sounds strange to you, but when your baggage is easy and easy to get, then your brain can focus more carefully on essential work. It takes only a few minutes to do this.

Prepare a study schedule

You may have a calendar for a week or a month, but you will also need a study schedule for a week. Think about the whole week and see when you have to read. In this way, you will be able to know, how much attention is to be given to each class, and at what time it will be beneficial for you to study. Keep in mind that you do not have to leave your plans.

Use your mind to set time for each special class. As such a subject that you find easy, give less time to it and pay more attention to the subject in which you are weak.

Create a goal, so you know when you have to read, when to do homework, and when to give you an exam.

Prepare a Planner (Book), Calendar, or Diary

Even if it is your day-long planer that you take in your bag, the calendar is on the wall of the house, the to-do list prepared at the end of each day. (to-do list) or there is an online calendar, when it will give you the next assignment, when to prepare the project or similarly it will help to stay organized by working on time. When you find your Planner in the beginning, keep a note of the last date for submitting one test, quiz and the assignment date. Do this for each class.

Every day when you return home from your school, check the calendar to see what to do before tomorrow, what is going to happen in the coming days. Check what you’ve already done

Understand how to do your studies

Not every technique is necessary for everyone. Some people learn from their own hands, some look at their eyes, and some people listen by listening to their ears (and some people in every way). If you can not remember the things told by your professor, then perhaps it may be that you are trying to understand it incorrectly.

Once you understand the way you do your studies, then you will start doing what is best for you. Do you remember something after seeing something? Then read those notes and prepare graphs! Remember the listened things? Go to class and record the lecture. As long as you do not do anything with your hands, then you do not remember it? Then change that concept to something that you can make with your hands.

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Study Tips

How To Increase Your Reading Skills




How To Increase Your Reading Skills

Many people have trouble reading it. Practice is required to read well. The most important thing to find out here is what is the purpose of your reading: looking at the instructions for making furniture and studying the textbook is not the same thing! Once you understand your objective, then you can choose to concentrate on intensive reading techniques that emphasize things like vocabulary and speed, or instead on comprehensive techniques that give you a deeper meaning than text Will help in connecting

How to Increase Your Reading Skills
How to Increase Your Reading Skills

Try to guess the meaning of any new word

When you come to a word that you do not know, do not try to reach the dictionary immediately; instead, try to guess the meaning of the word on the basis of other words (context) around it
– For example, you read the following sentences and want to know what the pessimist means: My mother is always happy and optimistic, on the contrary, my brother’s pessimistic
– With the sentence, you can guess that the pessimist means the opposite of being happy: irritable and angry

Write new words that you want to learn

If you come to any word that you can not guess, write them down and see their meaning in the good dictionary. In that way, you can also study words later.

See your reading material before you begin

Whatever your purpose of reading is to take a few minutes to look at the composition, it is very useful. Check and see how the work is structured and presented. These are easy ways to boost your understanding.
– Is there a title for composition?
– What is the table of contents that you can scan?
– Is there something “extra” in composition, like bold keywords, illustrations or graphs?

Read aloud

It can improve your reading skills because it covers you in two ways with the text: with your eyes, as you see words, and with your ears, as you listen to them. If you are trying to practice accent, it is also important to read aloud.

Decide for your reading purpose

The reason you are studying with this affects the effect on how you read. For example, reading a novel for class may be different from reading a novel for enjoyment, because instead of enjoying your reading experience you will be expected to understand and remember the text. Ask yourself: Why am I reading this?
– If you are reading for information (for example, to meet the needs of work or school), then you might want to try to adopt comprehensive techniques.
– If you are reading to practice pronunciation, learn vocabulary, or study grammar, then you may want to try on intensive techniques.

Make sure you understand the type of your text

Ask yourself: What type of work I am reading? Is it information-based, like newsletters, textbooks, or manuals? Or is it more creative / artistic, such as novel or short story? It matters
– For example, if you are reading to follow the instructions (such as a recipe or assembly guide), you will need to understand the meaning of each step.
– If you are reading text that has a lot of information like textbooks, then you may be reading more about the new information on things you do not know or do not understand.
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